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HG CUSTOM LOGO white.png

At Heritage Gruppe, we celebrate the art behind racing, the colors of speed, and the legacy of the greatest machines and artists in history."


hg 1 OF 1.png

Racing Flag

Tri-color painted swatches following the flag, representing the Art and Design behind racing.

Color Palette


One of One

Cherish your build that you put years of love, money, and time

into with Heritage Gruppe's One of One service. This service aims to create an everlasting shot to add to the memories between you and

your car. It includes a photoshoot, custom T-shirts, and printed photos ready to frame. 


Graphic Design

art car 002.png

We continue to do Graphic Design work for Heritage Gruppe and will continue to do so as a loyal client and are constantly working on creating the next graphic or product that will shock the industry. 

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