Impact beyond Make:

Our Impact by Make initiative reaches far beyond our Design Firm. We aspire to help our clients make an impact in their communities no matter which market they are in. The most recent Impact we are making is with our loyal client Heritage Gruppe. Heritage Gruppe is an automotive apparel brand focused on the Art and Design behind racing and vintage race cars, but that's not all they do.

Heritage Gruppe hosts monthly car shows in Sun Valley, CA. These shows are scheduled to bring the community closer together and help one another thrive. The shows attract anywhere from 150-300 people, and attract all types of cars from classic euro's to modern domestics. With an untamed focus on cars and people, Heritage Gruppe also works with local food vendors and helps them gain exposure at the shows, as well as allowing outside vendors to setup a booth and sell their unique merchandise.

Along with the shows, we recently helped them start their community outreach by assisting to set-up drives to small businesses in CA, and raise awareness on social media. This helps Heritage Gruppe as a brand to expand to different cities, as well as helping the businesses they visit gain new customers from the Heritage Gruppe following.

Ever since starting this initiative, the process has grown exponentially for Heritage Gruppe, as well as the businesses in relation. They have received emails from businesses who would like to take a part in the support small businesses drives, and with the assistance of the automotive community, they are on track to helping 12 businesses annually raise brand awareness and sales for no cost to the business, or Heritage Gruppe.

Follow our journey on Instagram (@impactbymake) to see which business we will be helping next, and stay up to date with our Impact by Make initiative, and follow Heritage Gruppe on Instagram (@heritagegruppe) to see which business they will be driving to next!

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