Impact by Make:

Every business has been affected with the challenging and uncertain times of a global pandemic. Make studios has embarked on a mission to use our creativity, and design to make an impact in our local communities. Social media has given us the leverage to reach small businesses that are struggling in these tough times, and lend a helping hand with Design work. We have started our mission in our local community here in Pasadena, California and are contacting small businesses we think can use our Design services to their advantage and offer FREE Design work for the selected parties.

The inspiration came from a place of understanding really what drove the culture in communities. It came from a place of enjoying the simple day-to-day experiences through the visits we make to our favorite markets. From starting our own businesses, to seeing business around us prosper. Design is emphasized, from branding, to functionality of a product or service, it was all about how do we improve experiences for everyone.

The small restaurant that makes the best pastrami in town, but during the past year experiencing Covid hardships, the business fell apart and closed. They weren't well equipped with technology to support online orders, or a restaurant not having the proper website to schedule orders properly with the mandated limited capacities in place. We started searching on how we can Make an impact to the days coming, and really help any business bounce back on their best terms.

Make Studios wants to become a part of the change for the individuals operating a business out of home, or ones looking for their first store front location, or even have an existing service that needs assistance. Let's make the impact and build the presence that your market desires. From psychologically researched branding to define the colors and fonts which empower positive reactions, to the last details of user experience design on your website. The branding or product development services we offer are of the highest quality, and this is a short-term promotional event that we are offering for free so take advantage of it while you can!

Follow our journey on Instagram (@impactbymake) to see which business we will be helping next, and stay up to date with our Impact by Make initiative.

Have a small business that’s been affected by Covid? Need FREE design work? Reach out to us through email to see if we can help advance your business today.